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Thoughts for the Day

Your Legacy

Posted by Pastor Jeff Heimsoth on

You know how I lived the whole time I was with you . . . Acts 20:18

St. Paul and his companions are travelling in Acts 20. They are trying to get to Jerusalem in time for Pentecost. Paul also knows there are people who want to kill him when we arrives. He knew this might be the last time he sees the people he is stopping to visit. So his first words to his friends from Ephesus point to his desire for them to remember how he lived among them (3 years). He would go on to say he served Jesus “with humility and tears” even though he had faced persecution.

There will come a time when our lives (on this earth) are over. Consider how you want to be remembered. If you want to be remembered as a self-centered grouch—then go for it. I don’t think that is how you want to be remembered. I want my life to be connected to Jesus and His mission to bring unity to the world. If that is how I want to be remembered, then that is how I must live today. Think about it—what legacy would you leave behind?


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