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Thoughts for the Day

Sorting the Voices

Posted by Pastor Jeff Heimsoth on

There are many rebellious people, full of meaningless talk and deception . . . Titus 1:10

I grew up with Walter Cronkite telling me the world news every night. Now there are so many places and voices telling me what is going on in the world. I can scan facebook this morning to see who is talking. I can check out twitter or Instagram for more information. We are surrounded by talk and much of it is indeed meaningless and more fiction that fact.
In the middle of the cacophony of sound, I want to hear the voice of God. I don’t want to hear some preacher (many of those as well). I don’t want to just read someone’s thoughts out of some devotional. I want to hear God—to know his voice speaking to me. So I find my quiet place this morning, open my Bible and listen (read). He tells me He loves me and calms my heart. He reminds me to love others and to trust Him. And in this truth I find peace. In a little while I will let the other voices in, but for now I want to listen to Him, and even if He is silent, to enjoy His presence. Thanks God.

Tags: god time, quiet, truth