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Thoughts for the Day

Psalm 101, I Chronicles 13,15, II Samuel 6, Mark 12:1-12

Posted by Pastor Jeff Heimsoth on

David was afraid of the Lord that day. II Samuel 6:9

They were just moving the Ark of the Covenant to Jerusalem – just a box with some stuff in it. It was much more. That box was meant to symbolize to people the presence of God among them and to be a reminder of all He had done for them. Their lack of understanding caused the death of a man who simply touched the Ark to keep it from falling. That is when David realized he needed to take God more seriously. He got a little scared. We all should—don’t take God lightly. But don’t hide from Him either. Respect God and celebrate His love for you.
David learned his lesson, followed the guidelines for the Ark and celebrated the power of God among them as he brought the Ark to Jerusalem. God has power—but He wants to use the power to help you! Thank God!

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