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Thoughts for the Day

Numbers 22-24, Romans 1:18-e

Posted by Pastor Jeff Heimsoth on

It will now be said of Jacob and of Israel, ‘See what God has done!’ Numbers 23:23

It is a crazy moment in history with a donkey talking, but the beautiful part of this is that no matter what anyone wants to say or do—when God wants to bless His people, they will be blessed. AND God wants to bless those He has claimed as His own. If a donkey can see that—so should Balaam (and us). In the sacrifice of Jesus we have God’s promise that He loves us. It is God’s desire that the world see the touch of God in our lives. He wants people outside the church to look at Christians and say, “See what God has done!” Believe it! Look for it!

Tags: blessing, hope, promise