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Summer Worship Series

Time for the Church to Take a Stance

People can have passionate and different views on many topics (Vince’s vs Monroe’s Original hot dogs). But what does God have to say? (Not that God cares about hot dogs) From July through Labor Day, our worship themes will explore what God’s perspective is on some “hot” topics and how we might speak of those issues effectively with our friends, neighbors, and even an opponent or two. Let’s start the conversation!


Date            Topic                                                                              July 1          Drinking, Dancing & Playing Cards—Be Sure Our Stance                      Fits with God’s        


July 8          “One State, Two State, Red State, Blue State”--Is the                            Point of Politics to Unite or Divide?                                                                        


July 15        Abortion: A Matter of Life or Death?       


July 22        Racial/Socio-economic differences: Do they matter?     


July 29        “All You Need is Love”—Does that really work?


August 5     Marriage—God’s Gift for Intimacy          


August 12   Denominations—Why Can’t We Get Along?


August 19   Sexual Orientation—Who Am I?            


August 26   Is There Such a Thing as a Just War?   


Sept. 2        Gambling, A Sin?—But I just play the lottery     


Please note that worship from July 1 through Labor Day will only offer ONE WORSHIP SERVICE on SUNDAY MORNINGS at 10:00am. Services on Saturday evenings (6:00pm) and Sunday evenings (6:45pm) will remain the same.