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School Staff


Five reasons our teachers are proud of Trinity Lutheran School

  1. Christ centered curriculum where leadership skills are taught
  2. Family oriented ministry
  3. Accredited through National Lutheran Schools & Michigan Association of Non-public schools
  4. Stellar academic achievement that produce successful graduates
  5. Trinity embraces community involvement


Trinity Lutheran School Staff

Principal- Cindy Lucas 

Kindergarten- Carolyn Milz  Kindergarten Website

Grade 1- Tracey Hackbarth   1st Grade Website

Grade 2- Richard Holtzen   2nd Grade Website


Grade 3- Chandler Davenport   3rd Grade Website

Grade 4- John Boldt  4th Grade Website

Grade 5 & Technology- Shannon Willey  5th Grade Website

Middle School (Grade 6-8)- Emily Adams Middle School Website

Middle School (Grades 6-8)- James Bunkelman Middle School Website

Middle School (Grades 6-8) - Jillian Riedel Middle School Website

Art- Ann Maher

Music- Alexis Pelltier

Physical Education- Todd Spencer

Spanish K-5 - Christine Wade

Spanish 6-8 - Tanness Headrick


Director of Early Childhood Ministries & Pre-Kindergarten- Nancy Gross 

Pre-Kindergarten Website (4 year old classroom)

Preschool- Donita Auxter Preschool Website (3 year old classroom)

Administrative Assistant- Rhonda Schmidt 

Director of Public Relations- Sirena Williams