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October Sermon Series

The Spirit of Worship

There is a Spirit of Worship God wants you to experience. He offers it freely, but he will not share space in your heart with any other. Come and see what God can do when you give Him control and invite him to change your Spirit. When those who worship allow God to change them, there is a Spirit that fills the whole church and reaches out to the whole community—even the world. That is the goal of Trinity gathered around the “Here We Stand . . . Too!” campaign. Join us for worship this month and see why we are so excited!


October 1      

God’s Spirit flows from individuals to the body of believers.

Prepare yourself to worship by opening your heart to God’s Spirit.


October 8       We Are the Body of Christ. Let His Spirit define YOURS!

God has given us a Spirit of unity—with one another, with Christians of the past, and would (by that same Spirit) bring all people to unity in Jesus.


October 15     When God’s Spirit Touches Yours—LIFE!

Imagine if you could see as God sees, feel as God feels. He wants to make that happen—if you will let Him fill you with His Spirit.


October 22     God’s Spirit Always Means—Greater Things Are Yet to Come!

Many worry about the future. God’s Spirit invites us to look to the future with eager anticipation. He wants to raise you to heights you do not yet know. He wants to impact the world through our changed lives. Step in and let God take you on a Great Adventure!


October 29     For the Next Generation—Give Them Something that Lasts

In a world filled with hatred and fear, we have something to offer the next generation. It is to live in the Spirit of God. It is to live without fear—filled with hope. This is our legacy!