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May Sermon Series - Body of Christ

May 5/6- “Not Playing Favorites” –Acts 10:34

          Have you ever met someone that you didn’t think you would have anything in common with? Did you start to talk to them anyway? Sometimes God puts in relationships with people in ways that we would never expect. Peter experienced this with Cornelius.

May 12/13- “What just happened?” –Acts 1:10

Can you imagine being one of those with Jesus at the Ascension? He has conquered the cross, the tomb, and everything else, where is he going now?

May 19/20- “It’s only 9 in the morning!”  –Acts 2:15

9am is a bit early to be drinking. It is also a bit early to be doing a lot of different things. However, is it ever too early to share the good news? Or to hear it?

May 26/27- “Wouldn’t that hurt?” –Isaiah 6:6-7

Sometimes God removes sins from us in ways that seem painful or harsh, but would it not be better to be in pain for a moment to spend eternity with God?