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Here We Stand...TOO!

Trinity Lutheran Church and School is embarking on an undertaking for the future. It is a peek into the future -- one that likely will affect you directly and one which needs your help to become a reality. 

The Here We Stand...Too! brochure provides an exciting picture of a three-year project to address needs - some critical - in our church, school, and fellowship hall. We think this publication will answer most, if not all, of your questions. 

Please take the time to read through it. Then, thoughtfully and prayerfully, ask God what he wants you to do. 

It's not just about money. While the size of the project adds up to the most dollars we have ever tried to raise at one time, it's really our future that is involved. We can maintain and improve facilities, restrooms, musical, instruments and offices with money, but the ministry at Trinity has always been about hearts and hands following Jesus' commands to be a light to the world, to go and make disciples, and to love as He Loves us. 

Our 175th anniversary is just two years away. It will be a time to remember our roots and imagine our future. We need your participation now and in the years ahead to continue the good work God has entrusted to this congregation. We are all in this together! 

The kickoff to this campaign is set for Oct. 8 in worship services. Please join us as we move forward with hope and excitement. 



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