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February Sermon Series

February Sermon Series - Who is Jesus? 

Who is Jesus?

2000 years after Jesus walked the earth the question is still being asked. It is a challenging question because the Bible says he is, at the same time, both God and man. This is beyond our understanding. It is critical because the Bible says that to know Jesus is to know life. Worship is a reflection of our understanding of Jesus. Join us!


February 4

See What Jesus is Doing - Mark 1:29-39      

February 11

No Doubt—Jesus Looks Like God - Mark 9:2-9

February 14 - Ash Wednesday 

We Have Seen His Glory - John 1:14

February 18  

Jesus is an Amazing Vintner (Winemaker) - John 2:1-11

February 25  

Jesus Can Feed Thousands from One Lunch - John 6:32-51

Come back in March when we get to the ♥ of the question!